Have you been wasting large sums of money on artificial illumination and forced ventilation of your workplace? If yes, it’s time for you to switch to our latest offering RHINOTUFF POLYCARBONATE  LOUVERS AND POLYCARBONATE LOUVERED SHEETS

Both these revolutionary products are here to light up and ventilate your old dark and dingy spaces in the most natural & economical way possible.   

Ever since their much anticipated launch in India, both these products have garnered rich praise and appreciation and have received an overwhelming response from the market. 

Both  seamlessly and effortlessly combine the advantages of natural light as well as natural ventilation in the price of one with objective of delivering unmatched value to their users.  

These rather simple yet innovative Products do not just naturally lighten up your industrial & commercial spaces, but also helps you breathe fresh every day and that too at no operating cost.

They allow maximum air flow while keeping unwanted elements such as water, dirt and debris at bay. They have a large free area and their design is such that there is a minimum drop in air pressure due to minimal structural obstructions.

As their names suggest, RHINOTUFF PC Louvered Sheets are used in industrial sheds, where as RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Ventilation Louvers generally find use in commercial and residential buildings.

RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Louvered Sheets can be manufactured in customized corrugations / profiles so that they are adaptable to any kind of cladding sheets - profiled, corrugated or any other, where as the Polycarbonate Louvers can be fastened over plain surfaces.  

Both these value for money products are manufactured by processing excellent quality Polycarbonate Solid Plain Sheets using the most advanced production technology available today and that too under stringent quality control procedures.

Like all other RHINOTUFF Products, these too are tough to the core and have a service life of more than 15 years. As unbelievable as it may seem, the Polycarbonate Louvered Sheets and Polycarbonate Louvers Glazing Sheets and Wall Louvers are warranted for satisfactory performance for a period of 10 years!

It is no surprise then that RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Louvered Sheets and RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Louvers are most sought after by builders, fabricators, construction companies, architects, consultants and O.E.M. to execute world class projects.   



  • Dual benefits of natural ventilation and natural lighting
  • Highly effective
  • No operating cost
  • Mechanically strong and dimensionally stable
  • Impact resistant & virtually unbreakable 
  • Light weight and therefore easy to handle and install
  • Weather resistant
  • Stable against many chemical substances and can also be made flame retardant, if need be
  • A high service temperature range of up to 120 °C (short term)
  • Light Transmission (LT) levels ranging from as low as 20% to as high as 90%
  • Can be made available in any length subject to a maximum of 3.35 Meter (11.00 Feet)
  • Adaptable to most roofs as they can be made available in any profile / corrugation
  • Maintenance free & highly durable
  • Warranted for satisfactory performance for a period of 10 years
  • Easy to wash and clean using detergents
  • Easily repairable using RHINOTUFF Solvents in case of an accidental damage
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Environment friendly
  • Economical to use
  • High cost savings
  • Short payback period
  • Attractive returns on investment



  • Provides optimum natural air ventilation and illumination
  • Reduces inside temperature
  • Significant power savings
  • Creates a congenial and conducive work environment
  • Increases labour productivity and output
  • Improves health and well being of people
  • Reduces the upkeep of buildings
  • Increases the building’s life span
  • Economical to procure and use
  • Highly cost effective
  • Attractive returns
  • Short pay-back period
  • Entitled to depreciation at an accelerated rate
  • Reduces dependence on conventional sources of electric power
  • Helps in energy conservation and in embracing clean energy
  • Environment friendly



RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Louvered Sheets and RHINOTUFF Polycarbonate Louvers were designed and developed after extensive research by a team of dedicated technocrats. They are an amalgamation of sophisticated manufacturing and design technology, engineering expertise and ingenious thinking.

Both these Products were designed mindful of the market’s bespoke requirements and with the sole objective of delivering maximizing returns to their users.

Their unique and rather innovative design is such that it allows exhaust of large volumes of inside hot stale air, while keeping rain water at bay. In addition, they allow abundant natural light to transmit through and thereby providing natural illumination in the place of installation.



  • Fully moulded with no joints or assembly
  • A relatively large Core Area
  • Perfectly aligned circular wave shaped ventilation louvers 
  • Angular design ensure a vertical drop of rain water and thereby preventing leakages through them  
  • Relatively large sized slits
  • Large free area for maximum air flow
  • Provides for rapid drainage of rain water from over them
  • A high First Point Water Penetration (the maximum air intake velocity at which the Louver would begin leaking)
  • Qualifies for A Class Wind Driven Rain Penetration (1-0.99)  
  • Ribbed surface enhances mechanical strength 
  • Can be up to 90% transparent and thereby naturally illuminating the place of installation
  • Largely transparent throughout
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Polycarbonate Louvered Sheets can be made available in a wide range of profiles and corrugations and are therefore easily adaptable to most wall claddings
  • Louvered Sheets are provided with baby ribs in the valleys between crests for added mechanical strength
  • Polycarbonate Louvers can easily be fixedover plain surfaces such as that of brick walls or PUF Panels using fasteners
  • Can be manufactured in customized sizes
  • Provision for installation of air filters over them



RHINOTUFF PC Louvered Sheets can be profiled or corrugated, as per site requirements and are generally used for glazing in vertical wall claddings in industrial and commercial sheds.

They can be manufactured in a profile or corrugation exactly matching with that of the other sheets. This enables proper, hassle free and leakage proof installation.

RHINOTUFF PC Wall Louvers on the other hand can easily be fixed over flat - plain surfaces such as brick RCC walls or PUF Panels in commercial and residential buildings.   



RHINOTUFF PC Louvered Sheets and RHINOTUFF PC Wall Glazing Louvers are manufactured using U.V. stable Polycarbonate Plain Sheets, which are provided with a 30 micron thick U.V. Coating on one or both sides through the co-extrusion process. This ensures that they do not de-generate rapidly when exposed to sunlight for long spells. As a result, they do not yellow and become brittle over a short period of time.

Their production process is such that the U.V. Coating does not get damaged and remains intact, which ensures that they provide you with consistent quality of natural light for a very long period of time.    

Owing to the inherent superior engineering properties of Polycarbonate Material and both the Product's sophisticated and advanced manufacturing process, they are mechanically quite strong and are impact resistant. As a result they do not break, crack, deform or rupture when forcefully hit by heavy hail stones or when exposed to harsh weather and extreme climatic conditions. 

For more information, please refer the previous section on the features.

RHINOTUFF PC Louvered Sheets as well as PC Louvers carry a 3 year warranty and are expected to last for a minimum of 10 years.

In case of an accidental damage, they can easily be repaired using RHINOTUFF Solvents. The process of repairing the Sheets is such that post repair, they continue to perform satisfactorily without any hassles, trouble or inconvenience for their remaining life so as to continue providing you with bountiful and quality natural light.

The damaged Louvers and Louvered Sheets are given a fresh lease of life using RHINOTUFF Solvents and are as good as new. Accidental damage does not negatively impact their durability or longevity in any way.  



RHINOTUFF PC  Louvers and RHINOTUFF PC Louvered Sheets are manufactured using 100% virgin and U.V. stabilized and U.V. Coated Polycarbonate Solid Plain Sheets in a thickness ranging from 1.50 MM to 3.0 MM. The following types of PC Sheets could be used for manufacture of PC Wall Glazing Louvers and PC Louvered SSheets depending on your Lumen requirement:

  • Clear Embossed
  • Compact Clear
  • Opal White
  • Solar Grey


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